• Andrea Kalavsky

    Transforming People, processes, technologies and their working environments for good.


    Hello, my name is Andrea and I specialise in the Consumer Goods industry. I'm an entrepreneurial leader with a wide range of skills in IT, HR & digital marketing. I now work as European Head of People and Environment at People Against Dirty, the fearless thinkers, mad scientists and adventurous designers behind the brave ideas, bold inventions and beautiful bubbles of Method and Ecover. I love working with passionate people and sharing what I've learned with them. This website is a window to the world I work in + where you can find more about me or get in touch for a chat about potential projects, or ask advice on what to do next.



    A foundation and catalyst of growth, for me personally and the work I do. With it we embrace the unknown or challenge the status quo. Being brave provokes us to find a way, and helps us focus on the “can” in can't.



    A driver of ethical behaviour. With integrity comes honesty. The commitment to ‘follow-through’. To make your words reflect in your actions. Building responsibility and trust, not just in others but in our own abilities.



    There is more to life than consumerism. We’re a fragile bit of the bigger picture. Taking care of our surroundings and each other allows us to thrive. Give without a ‘return motive’. To each other, our communities and mother nature. Share honest time and feedback with all those around you. Remembering that there is plenty of opportunity to go around - be grateful and liberally celebrate success.



    Taking the opportunity to learn from a challenge is character building. 'Tough times don't last, tough people do'. Make 'uncomfortable learning' a purpose. We can all spring back into shape simply by believing it is possible to do so. Recovering from difficulties in family, health, spirit and work is a test our true grit. Leave things better than you found them, your work and yourself included.



    It defines everything that exists. Simply put, it is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Nurture energy in yourself and those around you. Be stimulating, always. Approach things with enthusiasm, making them exciting to land, the right way up. Grow it, give it, get it, find it, make it, improve it.


    Be honest, your character is sincerely all you really own, and it's on display all the time.


    People Against Dirty Ltd

    London | United Kingdom

    European Head of People + Environment

    2017 – Present

    Daylesford Organic Ltd

    London | United Kingdom

    Head of People, Environment and IT

    2012 – 2017

    Bamford Ltd

    London | United Kingdom

    Head of People, Environment and IT 

    2012 – 2017

    innocent drinks Ltd

    London | United Kingdom

    Operations Manager - IT

    2004 – 2012

    innocent drinks Ltd

    London | United Kingdom

    Digital and Social communities Manager

    2008 - 2010

    e-skills UK

    London | United Kingdom

    CIO Board member

    2006 – 2009




    +44 7909994288

    London, United Kingdom